About US

The Aquacuddles Story 📖

We're AquaCuddles™. What started out as a kid's passion of sharing his love for aquatic animals has grown into something much bigger. something that was originally created to bring awareness to the countless turtles, sharks, ducks, and whales that are being threatened with extinction due to human interaction, has turned into a community of thousands of people across the globe who support the lives of their favorite creatures. Even though we're just a blanket company, we're special because When someone purchases an aquaCuddle™, they're expressing their love to the worlds sea animals <3

our why

Our Mission 💫

At AquaCuddles™, we aim to transform ordinary moments into extraordinary experiences. We are dedicated to bringing joy, relaxation, and a touch of whimsy into your home. We decided that creating a comfortable version of your favorite aquatic creatures would be a good way to put a smile on your face every day :) We believe that everyone deserves a little magic in their daily life, and our commitment is to make that a reality.

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